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Recent Releases/Sales:
#1, #2 & #3 in
MegaPack #2.

#4, #5, #6 & #7 in our
MegaPack #3 bundle.
& #8, #9, #10.


Feb 2015:  Believe it or not, I'm actually adding & updating a ton of stuff here this month, so stay tuned....
I'm working away on things here, please touch base if you want via my toll-free # & email.
If you want to contact me, or have anything you think I should add, do let me know please  . -David.
Now: We have several IBall 3D LED Displays, as low as $500 each in quantity.  The only other distributor sells them for more than double our price.  Please contact me soon if you are interested, as we have limited quantities available.
want to buy content?: please visit our new dedicated VJ Store.
also, check out our new release: Moire Evolution HD : thirty, 30 second loops each in NTSC, PAL and HD,
Announcements / Coming Site Updates Area

We recently put our VJ store back online.  I've given all our releases catalog #'s to help my organization, due to the sheer volume of our past and upcoming releases.  If you are interested in either a data VJ Loop DVD-ROM/pack or/and a NTSC A/V DJ VJ Mix DVD, please browse AudioVisualizers.com for extended info on each release, and when you want to add it to your shopping cart, please visit our new dedicated VJ Store.

Visual Fuel 2 DVD Preview:  10 meg QuickTime .mov  or  50 meg MPEG-4 preview


Yes: all our DVD's now have colour faces.

 LoopServer 11 DVDR Pack Visual Previews - mid-year update due by Aug 1st, on DVD-R or SATA HD.
Full Length VJ Mixes & More:
our A/VcD VJ MiX DVD Release Section is growing!


3-D L.E.D. Visuals & Other Exotic Displays
Full Info @ LaserGuy.com




Mission Statement:
AudioVisualizers.com exists to strengthen community growth in the global video performance, installation art and production field, and in collaboration with partner sites, provide a comprehensive and diverse range of resources to stimulate your eclectic interests. 

Our Toll-Free Laser Hotline & Customer service # is:  1-888-LASER-DR.
which equates to 1-888-527-3737 .  If you're outside of N.A. please use our regular customer service #, or email. 


VJViz DVD Library

stuff 2 buy:

Vid Synths
Club Lasers
Retail VJ DVD's
3D LED Displays
AVJ Loopstore

   our ebay auctions


Motion Graphic CD/DVDR's

Loops - Software
Crazy DVDRSale
* Recent VJ Soft:
* IR WorkShop
* MX Wendler
* CoGe
* Creobox
* Sculp
* Xynth 2
* Noise Cradle
* Tiki TV
* AVmixer Pro
* VJ Director 2
* VJMode 1.5
* VeeJay
* Text Machine 3D
* Past Link Highlights

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Alchemy Loop DVDR

Disc 1 & 2 for cost of 1

Genuinely saved my time:spamarrest.com


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